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WR Medical Electronic Co. Acquires Physical Medicine and

Dental Business from Life-Tech


Maplewood, MN, October 9, 2013 – WR Medical Electronics Co., a Maplewood, MN based medical device manufacturer, today announces the acquisition of the Physical Medicine and Dental business of Life-Tech International, a Texas based medical device manufacturer.  This acquisition consists of the Iontophoresis medical devices, accessories and Geltrodes used primarily in physical therapy for pain management, and in the dental market for symptoms of TMJ and TMD.


WR Medical Electronics has sold Life-Tech’s Iontophoresis device the Iontophor and Geltrode return pads for many years in conjunction with their autonomic and neurologic testing labs sold Internationally. 


“The Life-Tech manufactured products have been the most comprehensive and consistent of any competing brands we have used,” says Peggy Skinner, Vice President of Sales at WR Medical Electronics Co.  “The Life-Tech PM&D products fit very well with our other products for temporary pain relief.”


Physicians and researchers worldwide rely on WR Medical Electronics Co. for scientifically validated equipment and exceptional support. WR Medical Electronics is a privately held single-location Minnesota based FDA manufacturing facility comprised of two divisions in addition to the new PM&D product line recently acquired from Life-Tech.  The Therabath Professional Thermotherapy division includes the Therabath Professional Paraffin Wax Bath, Refill Paraffin wax and paraffin treatment accessories and is marketed primarily for chronic arthritis joint pain management, rehabilitation and spa use.  The Neurophysiology and ENT divisions consist of facial nerve monitoring, autonomic function testing devices, sweat testing and cardiac testing equipment. 


Visit www.wrmed.com or www.therabathpro.com to learn more about WR Medical Electronics Co. products or service. To place orders Call 1-800-321-6387, fax (651)604-8499 or e-mail us at pmd@wrmed.com.  



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