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Service and support are a very important part of your purchasing decisions, and can have a significant impact on you and your patients. Our knowledgeable Help Desk staff understands the importance of reliable equipment. By phone or e-mail, you can reach friendly assistance for hardware and software issues. We work with biomed and IT departments at your facility to assure that your lab will be running smoothly and seamlessly with as little interruption as possible. We aim to have long-lasting, sound relationships with our customers. We know that to maintain them we must be available and ready to help when ever assistance is required.

CPT codes allow for 3 separate tests of the autonomic nervous system by neurologists.

95921 cardiovagal innervations (parasympathetic function) including two or more of the following: heart rate response to deep breathing with recorded R-R interval, Valsalva ratio, and 30:15 ratio

95922 vasomotor adrenergic innervations (sympathetic adrenergic function), including beat-to-beat blood pressure and R-R interval changes during Valsalva maneuver, and at least five minutes of passive tilt

95923 sudomotor, including one or more of the following: quantitative sudomotor axon reflex test (QSART), silastic imprint method, thermoregulatory sweat test (TST), and changes in sympathetic skin potential