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The Sniff Magnitude Testing kit allows clinical evaluation of olfactory sensory capabilities.

This kit is able to quantitatively measure sniff pressure, measuring and comparing results across four separate scents to determine the ratio of odor to malodor. These values are automatically computed by the include WR TestWorks software, placing the calculated values at your fingertips for ease of evaluation.

There is minimal dependence on language, cognitive ability, memory, or the ability to name specific odors. Testing is simple to perform even with older adults and young people, and can be done rapidly, allowing for fast, easy, quantified testing of olfactory function.

The SMT Kit includes the Sniff Magnitude interface, four scent canisters, scent pads, tubes, computer interface cable, and computer running the WR TestWorks software.

The SMT Device at a glance:

  • Places minimal dependence on language, cognitive ability, memory, and odor naming ability.
  • Differentiates between deficits caused by a loss of primary sensory input and those caused by higher-order processing associated with troposmia,
  • phantosmia, and olfactory agnosia.
  • Is not affected by deficits in memory or attention in older adults.
  • Provides a quantified measure of olfactory function.

The SMT measures olfactory function not influenced by cognitive problems.

Sniff magnitude ratios are calculated as the ratio of average sniff magnitude (area under the sniff curve) to malodor, divided by the average sniff magnitude to a null odor. A pleasant odor canister is provided to evaluate possible anosmia to the malodor.