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Application software for the CASE IV System (Computer Aided Sensory Evaluator) and Q-Sweat (Quantitative Sweat Measurement System)

Software for the enhanced operation of devices for autonomic nervous system data acquisition (Finometer, Finapres, Colin Pilot, IVY Biomedical ECG Monitor)Analog Interface and ancillary accessories

The WR TestWorks software captures patient physiological data for peripheral sensory and autonomic nervous system testing. Physicians can reference physiologic events recorded during patient monitoring or while a patient undergoes specific maneuvers, and track the course of treatment over time. WR TestWorks will record, display, save, and analyze test data.

Data Analysis


  • Total Volume
  • Response latency
  • End offset to baseline
  • Rate

Cardiac (with IVY ECG Monitor)

  • Pre-programmed analyses of HRDB, using either heart rate or R-R, Valsalva ratio, using either heart rate or R-R, baroreflex sensitivity
  • On-screen trace of Valsalva pressure and chest expansion

Adrenergic (with BMEYE Nexfin or FMS Finometer BP Monitor)

  • Pre-programmed analyses of HRDB, Valsalva, E-I Ratio, 30:15 ratio, baroreflex sensitivity, pressure recovery time (PRT), linear regression, and spectrum analysis with heart rate based on BP
  • Tilt analysis (baroreflex sensitivity)
  • Statistical Data: Public domain statistical data modules are available with the CASE IV and for autonomic (Valsalva and HRDB).